About Us CCTV Camera SGCCTV

About Us CCTV Camera SGCCTV

Best solution Best Price CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews Sim Lim Square 02-81 11am~7pm Daily

CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews

Choicecycle CCTV Pte Ltd is proud to be among 60 organisations that have made a corporate pledge to minimise e-waste, as part of SGTech’s eRevival Square.

We have pledged to

Reduce Reuse Recycle Repair

All e-waste to protect our Earth and Family.

Our Mission

Groom our Interns, Staff & Partners as Entrepreneurs, Ready Workforce with Positive Attitude & Financially stable.

Our Vision

Always Business Service Excellence, Most Reputable Solution Provider, Top 5 Star Reviews in Security Industry. 

Our Value

Honesty, Responsible, Respect, Gratitude, Change & Challenges. 

History of Beginning

We started from year 2003, badly disrupted by 911, SARS,  Hand Foot Mouth Diseases, Bird Flu….
3 partners (Fishing Kakis) started their Entrepreneur journey. 
Searching for Best Demand & Biggest Space to expand took us 9 months.
By then 2 Partners gave up and left Mr. Eric Cheong alone.

Our Team

CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews
CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews

Our Senior PMET    vs    Young Blood of our future + Sponsoring Diploma Courses

History of the Choicecycle

ChoiceCycle SGCCTV®️ was founded in 2003 but as a nascent company, they functioned from a humble and small shop and were having only two employees.
But since they had a passion to provide reliable, affordable and personalized security solutions to a larger number of people, they strove to grow.

一流的公司 打造 一流的系统, 让三流的人才 发挥一流的作用!
A first-class company builds a first-class system, allowing third-grade talents to play a first-class role!

In recent years, advancements in technology have indeed led to the automation and replacement of traditional manpower in various industries.
This process, often referred to as technological or digital disruption, has significantly impacted the way work is performed and has brought about changes in the standards of progress and quality.

Technological advancements, such as TeamViewer, Anydesk, Whatsapp, Youtube Video, Zoom, Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation, have allowed for the development of more efficient and productive systems.
These technologies can often perform tasks more quickly, accurately, and consistently compared to human workers.
As a result, certain jobs that were once performed by physical humans are now being replaced by remote assistances and videos.guide.

The use of technology in industries like manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and customer service has led to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall productivity.
However, it has also raised concerns about job displacement and the potential impact on the workforce.

Concept of a “third-grade talents to play a first-class role like any KFC and MacDonald!

it is important to note that competence and expertise are usually valued in achieving high-quality outcomes.
While technology can streamline processes and improve efficiency, it still requires competent individuals to design, maintain, and manage the systems effectively.

In many cases, the successful integration of technology into various industries requires a combination of skilled professionals and advanced technologies.
This collaborative approach allows for the best utilization of both human capabilities and technological advancements to achieve higher standards and quality.

The company had digitized with strong Online Platform with Google Business, Xero Accounting Software, Whatsapp Business, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Youtube Marketing, Q10, Lazada and Shoppe. Their main office is at Sim Lim Square 02-81, Singapore.

The company also takes pride in the fact that since their establishment, they have served more than 50,000 satisfied clients and have strengthened their presence both in the retail and corporate fronts.

Since its establishment, CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle has served over 50,000 clients and strengthened its presence in the retail and corporate fronts to offer our clients greater accessibility and better knowledge on how our security systems work.

In order to be able to meet all of our client’s needs and expectations, we offer a wide selection of products and services.

As such, we aim not only to be a one stop place where all your security requirements are met, but we also aim to be the leader in providing cutting edge security services in this field.

As a testament to our commitment to this vision of being an industry leader, we were given distributorship of Certis Cisco security equipment in year 2010.

As a result of our integrity and respect that we have built over the years, we continue to be  distributor of Certis Cisco security products to this day.

  1. Certis Cisco Distributor in 2010,
  2. Business Service Excellence in 2014,
  3. ITE Training Program in 2016,
  4. Dahua Security Partner in 2017,
  5. AIPHONE Distributor in 2018,
  6. Hikvision Security Partner in 2020.
  7. AStar Singapore Partner in 2020
  8. SGCCTV registered trade mark with IPOS Singapore in 2020
  9. SGCCTV Pte Ltd (“SGCCTV”) is a 100% owned subsidiary of CHOICECYCLE established in June 2003. SGCCTV is a newly setup company, spin off from CHOICECYCLE.
    10. Certified ITE’s Industry Trainer Coach (ITC) in 2022 :
    Design and Develop OJT Programme (DDOJTP)  || 
    Prepare and Conduct Coaching (PCC)   ||  Deliver and Facilitate Learning (DFL)
    11. ITE WSDip Partner in 2022. (Work Study Diploma)
    12. BCA certified Communication & Security System Supplier for Public Sectors in 2023.

At present, CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle group of companies has also expanded its operations and services to Indonesia and Malaysia, allowing us to achieve our vision of being a leader in this industry both locally as well as regionally.

Our focus in 2023~2024 :  2023~2024我们的重点
1. Redesigning job scopes for employees.  重新设计员工的工作范围。
2. Streamlining business processes. 简化业务流程。
3. Expanding business operations to overseas markets. 将业务拓展到海外市场。
4. Implementing plans to prepare business for sustainability requirements and regulations. 实施计划,使企业为可持续发展要求和法规做好准备。
5. Introducing and/or enhancing sustainability-related products and services. 引入和 / 或加强与可持续发展相关的产品和服务。
6. Collaborating with regional / global businesses through partnerships. 通过伙伴关系与区域/全球企业合作。
7. Strengthening employees’ development and skills. 加强员工发展和技能。
8. Expanding business operations locally. 扩大本地业务运营。
9. Innovation and R&D. 创新与研发。
10. Developing digital business capabilities and/or automation solutions. 开发数字业务能力和 / 或自动化解决方案。

CCTV Camera SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews

Choicecycle Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Charity 2021NOV5 Derek Tai ITE

CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews
CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews

Our Bank info (Oversea)

Company name: CHOICECYCLE
Bank : UOB || Account : 3113002490  || Swift UOVBSGSG || Bank code 7375  || Branch code 311
Registration number: UEN 52992893X
Tax GST M90363691T

PayNow UEN: 201207820G


CCTV Camera Video SGCCTV CaseTrust 2013 Most Responsive Best Tech Support Top 5 Star Reviews

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