CCTV Singapore Sim Lim Square ChoiceCycle SGCCTV CCTV SG Certis Camera CCTV Package Price

CCTV Singapore Sim Lim Square ChoiceCycle SGCCTV CCTV SG Certis Camera CCTV Package Price

CCTV Singapore Sim Lim Square ChoiceCycle SGCCTV CCTV SG Certis Camera CCTV Package Price

ABOUT US  – CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle

ChoiceCycle was founded in 2003 with a vision to provide personalized, reliable and affordable security solutions.

From humble beginnings as a small (150sqft) shop front run by 2 staff, the company now boasts several showrooms, offices and warehouses, complemented by a dedicated crew.

Since its establishment, CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle has served over 10,000 clients and strengthened its presence in the retail and corporate fronts to offer our clients greater accessibility and better knowledge on how our security systems work.

In order to be able to meet all of our client’s needs and expectations, we offer a wide selection of products and services.

We aim not only to be a one stop place where all your security requirements are met, but we also aim to be the leader in providing cutting edge security services in this field.

As a testament to our commitment to this vision of being an industry leader, we were given distributorship of Certis Cisco security equipment in year 2010.

As a result of our integrity and respect that we have built over the years, we continue to be sole distributor of Certis Cisco security products to this day.

At present, CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle group of companies has also expanded its operations and services to Indonesia and Malaysia, allowing us to achieve our vision of being a leader in this industry both locally as well as regionally.

Founder and Managing Director of ChoiceCycle – MR. ERIC CHEONG

Originally from a low income family, Eric first started out his career in the tourism industry as tour guide. His initial passion for tourism was his love for interacting with people and making connections with tourists from all over the world.

This caused him to continue as a tour guide for 13 years. However, the tourism industry of Singapore suffered greatly in 2001 due to the 911 incident as well as SARS and bird flu outbreaks.

This caused Mr. Eric Cheong to reconsider his career options and decided that he would need a more sustainable form of income.

Mr. Eric Cheong founded ChoiceCycle in 2003. Starting off with just $5000 in capital, he opened up his first shop at Sim Lim Square Q2-51 (with just 150 sqft).

However, after 8 months into the business, his 2 partners called it quits, leaving Mr. Eric Cheong alone to figure out whether to continue or pull out.

Having a strong conviction set in a Chinese idiom which encourages one not to give up halfway, Mr. Eric Cheong decided to forge ahead despite these initial setbacks.

With sheer determination to succeed and a keen learning attitude, combined with a passion in the Security Technology industry, Eric spent the first few years in market research.

Using his natural gift of making connections and networking, which he also developed as a tour guide, he began to build strong relationships with key partners in this field.

His hard work paid off when the business took flight. Moreover, he became the pioneer entrepreneur to receive Sim Lim Square Star Retailer accreditation in 2004, just one year after he started.

This was not only a milestone in Mr. Eric Cheong’s journey but also a testament to his unwavering drive for excellence.

Exclusive distributor for Certis Technology International

With its stronghold in the Security Technology industry, Choice Cycle is honoured to be the exclusive distributor for Certis Technology International for its security products (IRD88-DV, EVR488-01, EVR888-01) and systems.

We remain as the preferred distributor of their security systems in Singapore, which shows the faith in our company’s integrity and efficiency.

Accolades and Accreditation

Dedicated to providing the best service to our customers, Choice Cycle is proud to have received recognitions in the form of accolades and accreditations for its outstanding customer services over the years.

First to be Case Trust Accredited and Singapore Service Class Certified (S-class) *new

The first and only, out of 492 stores in Sim Lim Square, in 30 years history, to achieve CaseTrust Accreditation, with Exchange Policy, Customer Information Confidentiality Policy, Goods & Services Policy and Feedback Policy.

Also the first in the industry to be S-class certified, Choice Cycle is proud to receive this National level certification which goes to affirm our commitment to delivering unique experiences and delighting customers always.

In our journey towards service excellence, we will strive to provide a service experience that goes beyond satisfaction.


A member of Singapore Retail Association and Singapore Business Federation, Choice Cycle was awarded the StaRetailer seal for being a trustworthy retailer since 2004. CCTV Singapore Choicecycle CCTV Pte Ltd.

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Choicecycle SGCCTV Sim Lim Square 02-81 Whatsapp +65 98534404 [email protected]

https://sgcctv.com.sg (CCTV Promotion Installation Home Office Shops WareHouse)   

https://www.choicecycle.com.sg (Distribution Hikvision Dahua Aiphone Panasonic Samsung)  

https://www.sgcctv.biz (CCTV Accessories Adapter Switch BNC Connectors Housing Bracket Server Rack Cables Hard disk Monitor Mobile DVR Bus CCTV)

https://www.cctvsg.biz (Installation, Project, R&D, Integrated System)

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