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• Do you have errors on your WordPress website?
• Do you want to change something on your layout?
• Do you want amendments on your theme?
• Do you have troubles setting up or configuring a plugin or theme?
• Do you want to redesign your website and you need consulting?

———- Don’t get desperate! ————–

✓ My deep experience in PHP,CSS and jQuery , and my problem solving skills can guarantee that whatever you require will be done!

✓ Effectively and Efficiently!

✓ WordPress configurations

✓ Themes installation & configurations

✓ WordPress Plugins

✓ Small HTML and JavaScript changes

✓ Forms fixes and modifications

✓ WordPress version updates

✓ Visual Composer Issues

✓ WooCommerce Issues


Please Note: The Service is for resolve one issues. If you require more than one issue to be resolved you need to buy the appropriate amount of service!

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